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Our team was founded at the end of year 2013, when we decided not to be only miners of the crypto currencies. We all come from Slovak Republic which is a small country in the heart of Europe. We were running altcoin mining pool which brought us a better knowleadge about crypto currencies and wallet api. After a while of successful operation we have decided to build our own services and this page is the first part of our work. Please enjoy our new service not only for merchants. Now we have multicurrency payment gateway supporting Bitcoin, Monero, Zcash, Litecoin, Dash and Bitcoin Cash. From FIAT currencies the payment gateway accepts EUR, USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, JPY, CNY, AED, CZK, PLZ, VND, CHF and NOK.

For customers in euro zone we are offering direct exchange to EURO and sending to the company account via SEPA transfer.


Slovakia (Europe)
Actual job position - Head of IT department. Skills - programming C#, PHP, TSQL, PL-SQL, networking, operating systems, SQL server, web server, email server, backup system, SAN systems, and core banking systems. over 15 years of banking IT skills.


Slovakia (Europe)
Actual job position - Security and blockchain advisor. Skills - programming TSQL, PHP, networking, operating systems, SQL server, web server, email server, SAN systems, customized banking systems. over 15 years banking IT skills.


About 4-8 freelancers with different skills in mathematic and business case modeling, programming, infrastructure, security and marketing.

Digital Currency Consulting

  • #1 Consulting - implementing digital currency payment in the company, securing your IT environment related to the digital currencies (0.3 BTC / MDR)
  • #2 Remote assistance - remote control to setup, fix or manage your environment related to digital currencies (0.2 BTC / MDR)
  • #3 OnSite assistance - personal visit to setup, fix or manage your environment related to digital currencies (0.6 BTC / MDR)
  • #4 Customization for the digital currency based payment - analysing, implementing, programming and testing digital currency payment (0.8 BTC / MDR)

CryptoDiggers Vending


Technical details:

OFFLINE until announcement.
--> Exchange rate source: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH, (ZCASH, XMR temporary unavailable)
ATM Fee: 3% for buy and 4% for sell, see actual terms and conditions before buy on specific ATM
BUY - BTC, LTC, DASH, (ZCASH, XMR temporary unavailable) BCH, ETH (3%) + fixed fee for every transaction

AMLD5 Compliant limits applied from 1/11/2020
Registration is not online and immediate. Registration process may take 24 hours. All registered clients have to be checked againsts OFAC and EU sanction list.
Client will be informed about result via SMS.

Transaction limit in&out: 995 EUR (per address life time)
Hourly limit in+out : 4995 EUR
Daily limit in+out : 9995 EUR

Registered clients
Document info: Both sides of ID / Passport (Front side and photo side) + Mobile phone number for SMS (for further OTP login code)
Transaction limit in&out: 5000 EUR (per address per day)
Hourly limit in+out : 5000 EUR
Daily limit in+out : 5000 EUR

READ Terms and conditions before using Cryptodiggers ATMs on the ATM screen ! !!! READ BEFORE USING PLEASE !!!

ATM online state of wallets are valid for all ATMs (Danubia / Freshmarket / Avion / Bory Mall / Varsity Bratislava).
EUR fund balance is valid ONLY for two-way ATMs at Danubia, Bory Mall, Avion and Varsity Bratislava

USD 3240 La Boqueria 1 20,100
USD 50 Bory 1 50,100
USD 9500 Avion 1 100,200,500
USD 400 Cafe Unido 1 10,20,50,100
BTC 0 Exchange - -
ETH 0.01 Exchange - -
LTC 0.51 Exchange - -
USDT 2000 Exchange - -

Recommended Wallets for Bitcoin and Monero


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For Windows Phone
  • Unfortunately there are only centralized verification based wallets - NOT RECOMMENDED !!!


For Android
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Černyševského 10, 851 02 Bratislava, Slovakia


Černyševského 10, 851 02 Bratislava, Slovakia


+421-907-826-087 (9:00am - 5:00pm - working days)


Company Legal Information

Name and legal form

CryptoDiggers s.r.o.

Company registration ID


Company Tax ID

2024133672 / SK2024133672


Registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I., Section: Sro, Insert no. 100330 / B

Bank contact

VÚB Banka a.s.


Poštová Banka a.s.


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